Maintain Integrity

The words invariably used to describe South Street throughout its history are bustling and gritty— words that connote that this water- side spot has always been a natural magnet for a mix of people, and hotbed of human creativity and commerce. 

How can we Trigger Vitality?

Re-brand the Seaport—as in “Put the SEA back into the SEAport”—to create interest again

Develop the commercial space to reflect the Seaport’s historic and maritime character as its claim on a distinctive niche in a competitive Lower Manhattan

  • Urge developers to recruit—hard and creatively—the one-of-a-kind retailers because the long-term tenants will determine the character of the Seaport
  • Attract the finest restaurateurs—seafood first—as better quality restaurants will be an attraction

Create "A Real Neighborhood" with groceries, great food, and shopping so that residents don’t have to leave

Consider a major change in density without overwhelming a fragile site

Make the Seaport an exciting place that New Yorkers will return to again and again