Link Land to Water

The South Street Seaport Historic District can once again become a hub for the entire region—both a transportation node and a vibrant edge where land and water meet— and an experiential hub where past and present, culture and commerce, collide to create a stimulating urban environment. 

How Can We Spur Connectivity?

Create a dynamic, hospitable waterfront by re-developing and programming its piers and its underutilized shore—and revive South Street as “The Street of Ships:"

  • Build a Public Boating Center for recreation and group use, with a breakwater for a sheltered area and a walkway along it—from the Brooklyn Bridge to Pier 17
  • Better adapt Piers 16 and 17 for small ferries and excursion boats
  • Envision an extravaganza of Tall Ships, visiting workboats and floating attractions if Piers 13 and 14 were rebuilt to accommodate them

Make the Seaport more accessible by advancing the Fulton Corridor Plan, building the Second Avenue subway with a stop on Fulton Street, and solving the significant problem of parking

Tie the Seaport to the Brooklyn Bridge with a direct route to walk and bike

Partner with the other waterfront sites throughout New York Harbor to create a web of transportation—and soon, to Governors Island and the Brooklyn Bridge Park