The Seaport Community Coalition works to bring a unified voice and channel for action to quality of life issues that impact the South Street Seaport Historic District community. The Coalition spearheads efforts regarding waterfront usage, environmental protection, historic preservation, commercial and residential development, sanitation and health, parks and recreation and crime prevention.



The South Street Seaport Historic

District's founders left New Yorkers a glorious legacy.


The challenge today is to fulfill their vision by animating those buildings, streets and piers with uses that are true to the District's character, while serving the needs of the residents, area workers, and visitors of today and tomorrow.

Photography provided by SeaportSpeaks 2006 and members of the
Seaport Community Coalition.


A Few of our projects and accomplishments


The Beginnings of FishBridge Park

The Beginnings of FishBridge Park

 Fishbridge Park

Find out about the South-Water-Front Neighborhood Association and the making of FishBridge Park.

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Jerry Driscoll Walk

Learn about the walk commemorating Captain, Pilot and Seaman Jerry Driscoll. 

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SeaportSpeaks 2006

In 2006 we gathered key stakeholders to discuss and strategize how to keep the essence of the Seaport alive. 

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Seaport Rezoning 2003

Learn more about the Coalition's successful effort to rezone 10 blocks in the South Street Seaport Historic District.

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